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Business Partners


We work with the tools of the leading companies in the Quality Management field. With a few selected companies we see the benefits through a combined better offering:


With a renewed focus in 2010 on our IBM Partnership, Zyntax has become an authorized IBM Rational reseller and a Tier 1 Services Partner. We work strongly with IBM in the European and neighbouring markets to sell and implement IBM Rational tools.

As active IBM Partners since 1999, we take a long-term view to the IBM partnership and our customers. IBM's breadth of customers matches to our extensive knowledge and experience in automated software testing and performance analysis.


Zyntax is an Advanced Member of IBM PartnerWorld, the IBM organisation for official Business Partners.



Zyntax is an authorized BSD Group reseller; we support European and neighboring markets.

BSD Group develops the Oracle Extension for IBM Rational Performance Tester, enabling Oracle Forms' performance testing. As developer of the ZTA and JSS plug-ins, Zyntax appreciates BSD Group's effort in providing this integrated plug-in.

Zyntax is proud to have been accepted into the BSD Group's Partner Program. Zyntax' testing consultants are familiar with the Oracle Forms extension and related processes.



The HP Partner Program has been a refreshing partnership for us. This programs provides us access to all the necessary HP platforms for software porting and testing, as well as the knowledge surrounding it. This has also helped us develop our in-house HP testing capability



Microsoft Many of our customers are implementing Microsoft-based software solutions. We help these customer test their systems, locate bottlenecks, and identify potential solutions. The Microsoft Certified Partner Programs provides us access to resources which enable these tasks to be done more efficiently. In being active members, members of our team have obtained various certifications for Microsoft software and systems.




Proco We required assistance from an organisation that we felt could very quickly and with little supervision get up to speed on our customer's needs. We especially chose ProCo because we felt they had the process and analytical abilities necessary to carry out the assignment combined with strong people skills. It was this combination of proficiencies which proved essential in extracting the information in the short timeframe given. We were delighted and impressed with the work done.


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