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Zyntax is an authorized reseller of IBM Rational Products.


Helping You Choose

At Zyntax, our first concern is that our customers have a quality management solution that fits their needs.  An added value of Zyntax is that we can help our customers choose the right quality management solution in regards to products (IBM Rational or other products available on the market), consultancy, training, and usage.

IBM Rational offers a broad array of innovative Quality Management products with flexible licensing options for our customer to get the best value for their investment.  All come with an added layer of support provided by Zyntax.


Trial, Demo, and Temporary Licenses

For the IBM Rational products, many of these are available with short-term trial, demo, or temporary licenses. Zyntax can generate these types of licenses for those interested in hands-on evaluations.


Standard Licenses

As an IBM Rational reseller, our customers can purchase their permanent licenses from Zyntax. These licenses include base products, extensions, virtual users and first year maintenance.  In addition to the IBM Rational customer support we provide an added layer of support and independent advice.


Lease Program

A SaaS license (SaaS) is a flexible and cost effective option for customers that have a one-time need or infrequent use for IBM Rational products. These agreements usually range from 1 to 3 months. Our performance testing engagements are usually packaged with a SaaS for Rational Performance Tester with a package of virtual users.


Test Agents / Drivers

In order to emulate the appropriate user load, test agents (agents) are required. These could range from a single to several machines. Zyntax offer pre-configured agents for lease which can be delivered and managed by the Zyntax consultant on site.


Software Maintenance

Our customers can renew their licenses and maintenance with Zyntax.  Zyntax will continue to provide general advice and an extra support channel throughout the year. We can advise which changes to licensing might be appropriate before the yearly maintenance period begins.


Zyntax Benefits

By providing the complete range of knowledge, software, machines and ongoing maintenance we are able to provide not only broad support, but also complete pricing estimates. This simply means you have a better handle on your budget before a project begins.

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